Burke County has all the necessary ingredients for these target sectors to be successful in our County. As we recruit companies to locate here we focus on these key industries because our workforce, infrastructure and business climate are well suited to their needs.





  • Burke County has over 20 machinery and fabricated metal product manufacturers
  • A high concentration of talent and expertise in this sector
  • Western Piedmont Community College has invested over $1M in recent years in their machining and metalworking program




Outdoor Products

 Lake photo
  • An abundance of outdoor activities and proximity to the Blue Ridge Mountains provides the perfect home for an outdoor product manufacturing company
  • Our high concentration of metalworking and textile jobs provide the necessary supply chain for products like tents, backpacks and climbing gear
  • Employees have the quality of life they crave and the perfect conditions to test the products they make




Food Processing

  • Burke County has an abundance of available and high quality water
  • Interstate 40, which crosses through Burke County, provides access to large regions and markets
  • Nearly 30% of our workforce is employed in manufacturing and is highly qualified for jobs in this sector





  • A workforce of skilled craftsmen with years of experience
  • Burke County has been the home to industry leaders such as Henredon, Drexel Heritage, EJ Victor, Shenandoah and Geiger Herman Miller
  • Our location in the middle of the east coast and proximity to several major interstates helps with transporting products





 Eulalia Francisco
  • Western North Carolina was recently named by Textile Insight Magazine as a “Top 10 Emerging Hug for Textile Production”
  • The Carolina Textile District and the Manufacturing Solutions Center offer strong support for innovative and growing textile companies
  • Local community colleges support the sector with sewing programs and training on advanced equipment such as Gerber cutters