Leviton Completes Renovation



Leviton has completed renovations to the Morganton facility in North Carolina. Improvements have been made to the cafeteria, administration area, and exterior of the building. Upgrades include open market food service, larger flexible training areas, and enhanced security. For energy efficiency; new glass, siding, and LED lighting has been installed. The exterior is finished with new walkways, landscaping, and logo.leviton_04-1

Functionally, all service and support departments are now in one central location for optimum communication, efficiency, and teamwork. A recreation room is planned for employees along with a new ECS (Employee Communication System) for distributing information real-time including news and weather.


In manufacturing, Leviton has invested in capital equipment and tooling including electric injection molding presses, and automation. Investments are being made as well in human capital through employee training and development at all levels.


Leviton’s Morganton facility has been in continuous operation since 1966, and produces products for the Residential and Commercial/Industrial Business Units.


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